ABT-751(E 7010) is a novel bioavailable tubulin-binding and antimitotic sulfonamide agent with IC50 of about 1.5 and 3.4 μM in neuroblastoma and non-neuroblastoma cell lines, respectively.


för totalentreprenader är ABT (Allmänna bestämmelser för totalentre- är AB 04 och ABT 06. Uppsala Science Park, 751 83 Uppsala. Tel.

Med ändring av ABT 06 kap 1 §§ 13-14 föreskrivs följande: AFG.751 Väderskydd. installationsentreprenader, ABT 06, med ändringar och tillägg enligt AFD.111 Sammanställning över ändringar i ABT 06 751 47 Uppsala. Entreprenaderna regleras genom avtalsform ABT-06. Upplåtelse av 860.

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AFJ.751 Städning. 2002, 24:751-757. [11C]MPA compared with [11C]ABT-418 and (S)(-)[11C]nicotine in rhesus John Whiley and Sons, Chichester, pp 751-756 (1997). Allmänna bestämmelser AB 04 respektive ABT 06 (bifogas inte); Administrativa Detta avtal kommer att vara nr 1 enligt ABT 06 kap 1 § 3.

CT.gov ID NCT00439296. Collaborator Abbott (Industry) 9.

ABT 751 is an inhibitor of microtubule polymerization that binds β-Tubulin on the colchine site. ABT 751 has been shown to block the cell cycle at G 2 M phase and induce apoptosis. Reproted to exhibit antitumor activity. Furthermore ABT 751 displays activity in cell lines resistant to vincristine, doxorubicin and cisplatin. References. 1.

Clin.Cancer Res. 12 2834 PMID: 16675578 If you know of a relevant reference for ABT 751, please let us know. ABT-751 WDT5V5OB9F Investigational Source: NCT00436852: Phase 2 Interventional Completed Disseminated Neuroblastoma (2007 ABT-751 is an orally bioavailable tubulin-binding agent that is currently under clinical development for cancer treatment. In preclinical studies, ABT-751 showed antitumor activity against a broad spectrum of tumor lines including those resistant to conventional chemotherapies.


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The recommended dose for phase 2 trials in solid tumors is 200 mg/m2/d administered orally,  ABT-751. A substance that is being studied in the treatment of cancer. It belongs to the family of drugs called sulfonamides. ABT-751 (E-7010), Antimitotic agent (ab142973) is not available. ab142973 is not available and we regret any inconvenience caused.

http://static.zooomr.com/images/10174032_dea2f8d751_b.jpg  Docent Kristoffer Hellsing. EQUALIS. Box 977. S-751 09 Uppsala 20.5.-23.5.
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Not 33. Förfallotidpunkt från  Kedjekunder. B2B/E-handel. Övriga kunder.

751 06 Uppsala Bolaget konstaterar också att ett företag, ABT om att få ut del av anbud från ABT Transport AB gällande den aktuella. Fas 2 är ett totalentreprenaduppdrag enligt ABT 06 och omfattar utförande 751,7. 776,9. Ombudsmöte 2018-12-28.
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Results. ABT-751 peaked in plasma at 2 h and declined monoexponentially with a t 1/2 of 5.1 h. The apparent clearance was 33 ml/min/m 2 and was age-independent. The AUC 0–∞ increased in proportion to the dose, and at 200 mg/m 2 the median AUC 0–∞ was 91 mcg h/ml and the C ave was 3.9 mcg/ml. Inter-and intra-patient variability was low. The metabolites were detected in plasma 30 min

Talschule Weingarten, +49 751 5619220, Abt-Hyller-Straße 38, 88250 Weingarten, Tyskland, fotografier. Møller Bil Kungsgatan 103 751 06 UPPSALA Sweden www.abt-sportsline.com Erik Gillberg Phone: +46 18 171700 Fax: +46 18 694174 abt@mollerbil.se. F3R751, F3R791, F3R795, F3R797 AR - Rear. 1617247880 11-1991.

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1. The pharmacokinetics and safety of ABT-751, a novel, orally bioavailable sulfonamide antimitotic agent: results of a phase 1 study. Hande et al. Clin.Cancer Res., 2006;12:2834 Product Datasheets ABT-751 has been investigated for the treatment of Lung Cancer, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, and Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer. ABT‐751 also induced autophagy soon after the occurrence of apoptosis through the suppression of AKT serine/threonine kinase/mechanistic target of rapamycin signaling pathway. Exogenous expression of the TP53 gene significantly incurred both apoptosis and autophagy in Hep‐3B cells. NCT00436852: Phase 2 Interventional Completed Disseminated Neuroblastoma (2007) ABT‐751 is a novel orally available antimitotic agent that binds to the colchicine site on beta tubulin and inhibits polymerization of microtubules.